Half-Finished to Done Podcast with Cristina Roman, Productivity Coach for Ambitious Business Owners

EP. 09 Types of Projects + Their Benefits

August 9, 2022

As a business owner, you have projects in your business—even if at first you think you don’t. 

And when done right, projects can be the number one needle mover in your business.

So let's talk about what defines a project, examples of projects, and the benefits of efficient, sustainable, meaningful projects.


What’s inside the episode:

  • The 4 parameters that define a project: 1) It has a specific purpose and outcome, 2)It has multiple steps, 3) It can be done on a specific timeline, 4)It is designed specifically to generate a return on the time and money that you invest. 
  • The 5 types of project ROI: Emotional, time, social capital, impact, and financial
  • How projects differ from recurring tasks 
  • The value of completing projects in your business
  • 18 examples of projects that you could do in your business



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